Versailles // An enchanting story of “Lyrical Sympathy”

“Lyrical Sympathy” gives off an aura of sentimental despair. While the feelings of being shrouded in despair are consistently evident throughout the album, Versailles does not limit themselves to one style of delivery. The natural flow of melody, from intensity to calm and back again, presents an appropriate flow, and the variation on the album makes for a success.

The introduction to the album is simple but foreboding. It suffices to lead into “The Love From a Dead Orchestra” but here, the flow does feel somewhat interrupted, though only for a brief moment. The song itself a lengthy one, one that begins with tortured discord notes before settling into a steady melody that changes various times as the emotions described evolve and grow. This song also sets the precedent for the rest of the tracks on the album with a mostly energetic melody that tapers off and then powers back up again over time.

The two softer tracks placed in between the metal pieces are “Forgotten Gate” and “Sympathia”, which closes the album gently. Both bring to light the sorrow and despair in a calmer sense. The other tracks, and especially “Beast of Desire” present a sordid, almost lustful passion to contrast and connect these songs together as part of the emotional journey for the tortured soul.

“The Red Carpet Day” becomes almost legendary after its debut in “Lyrical Sympathy”. It serves as a prologue to the beautifully woven tale told in “Noble”, and KAMIJO calls attention to this track multiple times. The song is extremely tense and fast-paced, establishing the feeling of a horrific nightmare. TERU and HIZAKI’s chords play like a racing heartbeat, as is YUKI’s drumming, and the violence in the lyrics completes the mental image to be created in one’s mind. Because of the intensity of this song, “Sympathia” proves to be a fitting choice to end the album as it settles the nerves before drawing the story to a close.

Versailles has succeeded in making the darkness of fear romantic and beautiful with this release. All of their songs breathe life, and those on “Lyrical Sympathy” are no exception to this. Overall, it is sure to enchant.


Release information

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Lyrical Sympathy
01. Intro
02. The Love From A Dead Orchestra
03. Shout & Bites
04. Beast Of Desire
05. Forbidden Gate
06. The Red Carpet Day
07. Sympathia

Artist: Versailles
Release: Lyrical Sympathy
Release date: October 31, 2007
CD number: SASCD-027


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