As you might know, ヴィジュアル系 (Visual Kei) is a very theatrical genre that relies just as much on it’s visual presentation as it’s music to bring their message to the audience.
Of course a big part of the visual presentation comes from the outfits and he décor used in music videos or even during the live performance on stage, but there’s an entirely different side to this as well: the (digital) “paper” side.

This includes
– Flyers
– (Tour) posters
– Cheki (polaroid photos, often taken before a show and used as merchandise or to commemorate an event)
– CD / DVD covers, booklets, inlays, etc.
– Pre-order / first edition bonus items
– Website / social media (SNS) presentation


What can we do?

Arlequin Magazine was created (and is still ran by) a “Multimedia Specialist”, who specialized in paper media like flyers, booklets and posters.
The main programs used for this type of media are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, but Adobe Illustrator is an option as well.

We’re also familiar with other programs like Adobe Audition, Audacity and Adobe Premiere, but we do like a challenge as well. So if you do not see a program or service on our list, please feel free to make an inquiry regardless.


Graphic design & photography

For graphic design we can help you with the creation of promotional materials like:
– Flyers
– Booklets
– (Tour) posters
– CD / DVD covers, booklets, inlays
– Pre-order / first edition bonuses like postcards etc.

We can also help with cheki and other photography related tasks. However, our photographer is based in The Netherlands. It is currently not possible for us to take any on-site jobs outside of Europe.


Web design & social media

For web design we’re most comfortable with WordPress as a base platform, since we work with it on a daily basis ourselves. We can present you a design based on your wishes, or help you find solutions for problems you might have encountered with the platform.

We’re not limited to WordPress, but we will have to do some extra research on our end for other platforms like for example Jimdo or Blogger.

Additionally, we can also provide translations for your website if desired. Just ask us!

We also provide help with social media (SNS) accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (Setting up an account, customizing it to your desired visual presentation and how to use the platform.)


Want to know more?

Our service is not limited to artists alone. We’re more than happy to help out fellow creators as well.

Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more?
Then please connect with us!