Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra // The brutal world of “OSWALD”

Cazqui already made some waves as the lead guitarist of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, but due to some events behind the scenes both Cazqui and the other guitarist Daichi ended up leaving the group.
These events are personal between the members, and even though some of it has leaked onto the internet here and there it is not my place to talk about them here. So rather than looking at the past we’re going to focus on the current, which is the first (and currently only) release of Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra: “OSWALD”!

Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra is more or less a “session” project involving musicians from different bands, like 架神 (Kagami) from DEXCORE on vocals, Daiki from DEVILOOF on bass, and Zyean from JILUKA on drums. And of course Cazqui himself as the 7-strings guitarist.
The Brutal Orchestra appears to be a little bit of a side project next to 猫曼珠-nekomanju-, a group existing out of former members of 快進のICHIGEKI (Kaishin no ICHIGEKI), SEX MACHINEGUNS, GALNERYUS, and of course NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST. This lineup has already released some works, but is not the subject of today’s review.

“OSWALD” is a single existing out of only two tracks, and was available at the only live show the lineup has played so far as well as digital platforms such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Line Music and Spotify.
The artwork was created by Isana Kagami (probably better known as BLACKINK), who has previously created designs for not only NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, but also for other artists like BABYMETAL and BAND-MAID (among others) and even the European music label JPU Records.

The rupture of a blood vessel (feat. Velladon)
If you’re familiar with the works of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, then this track is instantly recognizable to you. It serves as an introduction to the main song with is orchestral style and slightly whimsical twist, but as the title implies, it features an artist who is not in the lineup: Velladon.
Velladon is a composer from Japan who, in his own words “constructs music on a semi-improvised basis”, including eurorack modual synths, machines, guitars, vocals, pianos, computers and more into his works. All of which return into the sound of “The rupture of a blood vessel”.

As mentioned in the introduction already, Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra is made out of members of DEXCORE, DEVILOOF, JILUKA and NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, who each have a style and sound that reminds listeners who are familiar with the original groups to the sound of those groups, and “OSWALD” is a very, very clear example of this. “OSWALD” showcases the heavier style of DEXCORE, and the familiar rhythm sections heard in DEVILOOF and JILUKA’s works, combined with the signature style of Cazqui’s guitar that we’ve heard in NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST throughout the years.
In short, “OSWALD” showcases the different styles of each group through each member of the lineup, creating a fun but chaotic song that absolutely deserves the name of “Brutal Orchestra”. But, at the same time it feels like there is something missing from this release. Each instrument remains in it’s own section, which makes the release sound like the works of each individual rather than a complete work where each member is in sync with the other ones.



“OSWALD” is an adventure, in the best sense of the word. If you enjoy the works of DEXCORE, DEVILOOF, JILUKA or NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST I would highly recommend you to give this lineup a try, because there absolutely is potential with this project. And it is a completely different direction than the previously mentioned other project 猫曼珠-nekomanju-, which has a softer approach overall than Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra does.
While it appears that the Brutal Orchestra is a session project for now, I do hope that this lineup will produce more works in the future, and maybe even another live show or two, who knows! As I do believe that the live stage is where this lineup will shine, rather than in the studio.


Release information

Are you interested in supporting the band by getting your own copy of the release? Here is something to get you started:

01. The rupture of a blood vessel (feat. Velladon)

Artist: Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra
Release: OSWALD (single)
Release date: November 24, 2019
CD number: N/A (live show and digital only release)

Available at: Amazon Music / Apple Music / Line Music / Spotify


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