NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST started their “counterattack on 2020” last May already, with their sudden release of the single “Life is Once”, along with the message that they have returned to the studio along with a mystery guitarist. Now, two months later, the band is back again with another single, this time titled “ONLY HUMAN”, as well as the message that this single is part of a 2-months-consecutive release. So keep your eyes peeled, there’s another release coming at the end of August!

Just like the previous single, this time the band has opted for a “Lyric Video” release instead of a full music video, so there’s no hints on who the new mystery guitarist is yet. Instead we have to keep guessing. Do you think they’ll reveal it next month, or wait until a full release?

(Words: 尋 (Hiro) / Music: NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST)
“Life is Once” already rekindled the fiery passion that NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST have had at the very core of their music since they first entered the music scene, but “ONLY HUMAN” is throwing some extra oil on this fire to keep it burning brightly. Following the same path as it’s predecessor with it’s high tempo and instantly recognizable “NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST sound”, the actual “aggression” in this single returns more in it’s lyrics than it’s instrumentals. The powerful drums, bass and guitar have found a perfect harmony among one another that doesn’t make one overpower the other, but instead work together to create a perfect mixture for 尋 (Hiro) to be “on point” with his vocals for this song as well.
All of this combines to NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST being recognizable with their style, but without being a so-called “one trick pony” who repeat their signature sound and skill over and over. Additionally, the lyrics for this song are as brutally honest as ever, reminding us that while we are “only human”, “we must notice our folly before the world collapses”. A powerful message that can be interpreted in multiple ways, don’t you think?






NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST have named their first comeback single a “counterattack”, but by now we can definitely conclude that the band are attacking the music industry from the shadows, trying to come back full force to the position they were at before. Despite being difficult to compare with other bands in similar genres, they have created their own protective bubble for themselves on top of a nearly unbreakable foundation.
With this song being part of a 2-months-consecutive release, I know I am curious to what the song next month is going to bring us. Will it be a continuation of this powerful counterattack, or will the band surprise us with a more ballad-like song? I’ve said it already in the review about the previous single, but if the band turned you off with their previous mini-album, now is the time to give them another chance because that metalcore style has gone out the window completely, and doesn’t appear to be making a return anytime soon.


Release information

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Release: ONLY HUMAN (single)
Release date: July 27, 2020
CD number: N/A (digital download and streaming only)

Available at: Spotify / Deezer

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