Artist/Band: Ash Berry
Members: Kensaku Kishida (岸田健作) (Vocal)
Support members: 宮路ヤスアキ (Miyayi Yasuaki) (Guitar), Ash (Bass), Syu (Drums)



As a celebrity Kensaku Kishida is found in more areas than just music. Originally entering the celebrity world as an actor in 1997 he has played in various TV dramas and shows, like 笑っていいとも! (Waratte Iitomo!), but also became a regular appearance in ロンドンハーツ (London Hearts) and BACK UP!, among others.

Next to acting he also has experience in dance (hip-hop), fashion (with the fashion brand “Satan Note”), spray art and the やっくんの桜の木プロジェクト (Sakkun no Sakurazuka no ki projekuto). A project that planted cherry trees near the accident site of Yakkun Sakurazuka (a comedian, singer and voice actor). In March of 2016 a Yoshino cherry tree named “やっくんの桜の木” (Yakkun’s Cherry Blossom) was planed in the 美祢さくら公園 (Minesakura Park) in 美祢市 (Mine City) thanks to this project.

In regards to music, Kensaku Kishida is currently active with his solo project Ash Berry, which also takes a lot of influence from hip-hop and modern day pop culture in Japan.


Kensaku Kishida – Round 2’s myway (MV)



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