Artist/Band: David
Members: SUI (Vocal)
erina (ex. Dio ~Distraught Overlord~) (Guitar, support), Яyu (from Ashmaze) (Bass, support), SHO (ex.UnsraW) (Drums, support), Syu (G.L.A.M.S, ex.Dio ~Distraught Overlord~) (Drums, support)



After 10 years of band activities in projects like Metis Gretel, Megaromania and 凛 (Rin) -the end of corruption world- SUI started his very own solo project “David” on January 24, 2017.

While the imagination is to play underground music with a fairy tale visual concept, the music is focused on making beautiful melodies.

The very first activity of David was distributed as a music card during the 2017 European tour of Versailles, containing a link to the very first song “GENESIS”. At this time David was part of the label “Chateau Agency”, which is owned by KAMIJO.
During the tour final of Versailles, held in Paris, David was the secret opening act. However, the very first official live of David was held on April 8 in Tokyo.

On August 21, 2017 SUI established his own label “Resonance”, and followed with the very first official single “Requiemage” in November of that same year. Ever since then he has been consistently releasing music as a solo musician, supported by other musicians during his live shows. Most of his activity is centered around the Tokyo area, but SUI aims for the worldwide picture by opening up his webshop and works to fans all over the world. A crowdfunding for the third anniversary live show in Paris was launched and raised more than the target goal, but due to the pandemic this dream (and thus the entire tour) had to be postponed.

Instead, SUI started working on the concept of “Gothculture”, which was released as 6 individual singles throughout the year of 2020, and followed by a compilation album with the same name in 2021. In April 2021 SUI released his very first full album as David: Hexagramearth.
An album that tells the story of David’s connection with not only his fans, but his entire world.


David – Story Teller (MV)






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