Artist/Band: 縁 (Enishi)
Members: SUI (Vocal), 美沙麗 (MIZALY) (Guitar), cero (Guitar), リゼ (Lyse) (Bass), Syu (Drums)
Website: N/A (Members only use individual Twitter accounts for information & updates.)



Originally intended as a “SUI Session Band” 縁 (Enishi) started off with the intention to only play one live show with this lineup in November of 2021. This live show was so well received by fans that the members themselves also dared to speak their mind regarding their interest in doing more with the project, resulting in a second oneman live show being scheduled for May 2022.

縁 (Enishi) is a mixture of traditional and modern Japanese influence, led by vocalist SUI (who is most known for his work with his solo project David and former bands Megaromania and 凛 (Lin) -the end of corruption world-), joined by 美沙麗 (MIZALY) (ex. Megaromania, 凛 (Lin) -the end of corruption world) and cero (ex. 凛 (Lin) -the end of corruption world-) on guitars, リゼ (Lyse) (from Ariabl’eyeS) on bass and Syu (ex. Dio ~Distraught Overlord~, Alpha999’z support band, Ash Berry support band, G.L.A.M.S, The Betrayed, GrimAqua support member) on drums.

The band released their first single, titled 縁 (Enishi) as a commemorative release during their first oneman live performance in November 2021, containing the self-titled song as well as 紋章 (Monshou).
縁 (Enishi)’s theme is based around the concept of “connection”, which spans many different meanings between the members as well as their Japanese heritage.





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