Artist/Band: GLIM GARDO (グリムガルド)
Members: 朔弥 (Sakuya) (Vocal), ノク (Noku) (Guitar), Runa (Bass)



GLIM GARDO is a ヴィジュアル系 (Visual Kei) band from the Nagoya Prefecture in Japan.
Their core concept is based on a modern interpretation of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and the members see themselves as new storytellers who tell humans about the way they really are.

Forming in December of 2019, but not revealing their first works until January 2020, the band originally formed with the lineup of 朔弥 (Sakuya) on vocals, ノク (Noku) and ロゼ (Rose) on guitar and Runa on bass.
Guitarist ロゼ (Rose) withdrew from the project due to personal reasons in September of 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the band had to cancel and reschedule most of their live appearances, but they did manage to release their works through the online route since.
Their works are available on the iTunes Store, Apple Music, Amazon, STORE, oricon ME!, Spotify, mora, レコチョク (Rekochoku), LINE MUSIC, Google Play Music,, Rakuten Music, SMART USEN, KKBOX, AWA, うたパス (Utapass), OTOTOY, mysound, Deezer and Youtube Music.


GLIM GARDO – Obscurial (MV)






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