Artist/Band: Alpha999 (Pronounced as “Alpha-three-nine”.)
Members: TAKA (Vocal)
masato (ex.SuG) (Guitar, support), Any (Guitar, support), seiya (ギガマウス (GIGAMOUS), GTB) (Bass, support) Syu (G.L.A.M.S, ex.BLACK LINE, ex. Dio ~Distraught Overlord~) (Drums, support), SHOW-TA (Acoustic guitar, support)



After the activities of LEGend PRIMe ended, vocalist TAKA opted for a solo career rather than joining another band. With the help from musicians from bands like SuG, ギガマウス (GIGAMOUS) and Dio ~Distraught Overlord~ as his “999’z member” band behind him he aims to create a live show that draws you into the story only told during these live performances.

Next to music TAKA also has a background as a radio DJ, where he is probably the most known for his work with the radio show “DOUBLE BILLION”, and a modeling career.
His second single, “The Neverending Story”, was voted into the top 10 of “best wedding songs”, and a number of his songs have also been used as ending tunes for programs broadcasted on Chiba TV.

During the early stages of the global pandemic in 2020 TAKA teamed up with Syu (Drums, support) for a new online show called “Lounge Room”.
The show was broadcasted through TwitCasting and allowed TAKA and Syu to talk about current topics, personal interests and experiences and play games, all with fans from not only Japan, but also from all over the world. Viewers could join the conversation through the chat, replying to what was currently going on in the broadcast.
While the program is in Japanese, a translator will be joining the broadcasts on occasion to make the contents more accessible to non-Japanese speakers. For more information about Lounge Room, please check this short interview with TAKA and Syu.


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