Artist/Band: Angels’ Temptation
Members: MIRAI (Vocal), Hideki (Guitar), YURI (Guitar), Rio (Bass)
Former members: Shion (Keyboards)



Angels’ Temptation is an angelic visual gothic metal band from Tokyo, Japan.
The four musical angels will guide all who listen over their path through their piercing lyrics and intense, heavy ensembles with a sense of speed and an overwhelming singing ability.

Their works are available digitally worldwide thanks to Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, LINE MUSIC and Amazon Music, among others. (For a full list, refer to the “TuneCore” icon underneath the band’s logo in the links section below.) Additionally their first album “Anthem of the Angels” is also available as a physical release through CDJapan (among others).


Angels’ Temptation – HEAVEN〜天使の歌〜 (Heaven ~Tenshi no Uta~) (MV)






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