Angels’ Temptation // “As angels, we support you.”

Angels’ Temptation is still a relatively new band on the scene, starting their very first activities on their YouTube channel in November of 2018, and releasing their very first digital single “Fallen Angel” in July of 2020. So that’s quite some time between the very first activity and the very first release, but who and what exactly is Angels’ Temptation?
Their very own description is “This is Angels’ Temptation, an angel-based visual gothic metal band. With lyrics that pierce your heart, a violently heavy ensemble, a sense of speed, and an overwhelming singing ability the angels will guide you and guide you along the path of all the listeners.”. But let’s dig a little deeper than that, shall we?

To find out more about the band and their ideas I’ve asked vocalist MIRAI and bassist Rio some questions, and they were more than happy to provide us some answers!
So without further ado… Let’s get started!


Let’s chat!

Angels’ Temptation only started activities officially in 2019, which means that we can still call you a relatively “new” band on the scene. But it also makes it a little bit hard for me to introduce you guys. So, can you tell me in your own words what Angels’ Temptation means?
Rio: The meaning of our band’s name, “Angels’ Temptation”, is “invite” and “leadership”. I want all fans to be shocked and have a fulfilling life through the rhythm, melody and ensemble of our songs. As angels, we support you. And because of the stressful society we live in today we produce and play our music for everyone.

A band is nothing without the members representing it’s music. But we barely know anything about you at this point. Who are MIRAI, Hideki, YURI, Shion and Rio? And what made you decide to form a band together?
Rio: MIRAI and I were in the band “Secilia Luna” together before we joined forces again for Angels’ Temptation. Although he is a gentle vocalist he has very strong commitment and skill. He is a solid angel! Aside from that he’s also the main composer of Angels’ Temptation who is responsible for the songs, lyrics, mixing and mastering.
With Hideki it was a little different. When I saw him doing live shows with other projects it was love at first sight. An acquaintance introduced me to him, and we talked about the sense and individuality of the guitar. I realized at this point that my musical taste matched his, and I invited him to join us as a member.
MIRAI: YURI was in another project with Rio as a support member a few years ago. I know his guitar sense and transcendental technique. He has a very bright personality, and he’s absolutely the one who sets the mood of the band!
Shion might have a quiet and calm impression, but she has a passion for music in her heart. Something that comes out during live shows and rehearsals. I heard she was a bassist before, but she played the electone as well. She makes good use of these experiences and is working hard on our band.
And Rio… She helps me arrange and mix my songs. She’s also a leader and a bassist who manages clerical work, marketing, schedules and so on. The direction of music is the same for both of us, and aside from Secilia Luna, we decided to form a band together again. Angels’ Temptation is created out of the thoughts of both her and me.

There’s still someone we haven’t mentioned yet though. During the live shows you had a drummer supporting you, and that one isn’t exactly a new face for me, as it’s none other than Syu (who we also see in G.L.A.M.S, Alpha999, David and The Betrayed). I’m sure a support member is a difficult aspect in a band since they’re not there full time, but what made Syu the perfect live support member for Angels’ Temptation in your eyes?
Rio: When I was still in Secilia Luna we were signed to the same label as Syu was when he was still the drummer of Dio ~Distraught Overlord~. At one point we did live tours and instore events together as both bands. His passionate and wonderful drum play was really impressive to me, so when it became time to find a support drummer for the band I invited him into this project. His personality was wonderful and he was more than happy to participate as a drummer.

Angels’ Temptation and support drummer Syu backstage after the first live.

The very first time Angels’ Temptation was mentioned was on YouTube, and it was at the end of 2018. But the band didn’t start activities until 2019, and the very first live show was held at the beginning of 2020. But how did this live show go? As this was the very first time you could actually see the reactions from the audience in real time. Is there something you would like to change based on what you learned during that first show?
MIRAI: It’s been a while since the band started, and I wanted the fans to see the most perfect version I could create. We pursue our ideals every day and we produce music, but I do want you to see the best members and the best ensemble at the live. Of course all the members performed the long-awaited live performance, but I’m still not happy. We’re aiming for a very complete stage where you can be even more enthusiastic.

At the moment of writing this interview, there aren’t any physical CDs available yet, but you have made digital singles for “Fallen Angel”, “HOLY WORLD” and “Ghost” already, and “Requiem” was released only last month. But what about “Crescent”?
Rio: “Crescent” is actually a Secilia Luna song, so it’s not a very high priority for us to do anything with it. If I can add more of Angels’ Temptation’s color to it, I will show it to you. We are considering the production of a mini- or full length album, but right now I think it’s best if we bring what we have created from scratch in the highest possible quality.

Japan has an extremely diverse selection of music, especially in the ヴィジュアル系 (Visual Kei) genre. But when I was still in high school I actually grew up with music like “Nightwish” and “Within Temptation” (who are actually the first band people here in The Netherlands think of when you mention the gothic metal genre), but I very, very rarely see it in the Japanese music scene. Is it not as popular in Japan?
MIRAI: Our music may be part of a less popular genre here in Japan, but we look at the world to make our music. It is our mission to make music that is at the forefront of this genre. This is a message from God.

Every form of art needs inspiration to be created. So what creates the inspiration for the music of Angels’ Temptation?
Rio: When we are alive, every stimulus we see, touch and feel with our five senses affects the music that we make. Every day we are conscious of incorporating it into our songs, lyrics and performance and we pursue the expressions that only we can do. If you listen to the songs of Angels’ Temptation you will surely become an angel yourself.

Aside from Angels’ Temptation MIRAI is also involved with a project named “Fleur Tentation”. A little similar, but still completely different. So MIRAI, can you please tell me a little bit about this?
MIRAI: Angels’ Temptation is a metal sound, and Fleur Tentation is a synth sound. They are like brothers to each other.

(Unfortunately we couldn’t talk very much about Fleur Tentation in this interview, but I definitely plan on asking MIRAI and HANA, the vocalist of Fleur Tentation, for an interview in the future to find out more about this project and the music they create together!)

Even though it is no longer 2020 now, the scars this year has left on all of us still haven’t faded yet. It forces all of us to think outside of the box, especially in the music genre. What about the future plans of Angels’ Temptation? What do they look like right now?
Rio: A new song, “HEAVEN〜天使の歌〜” (HEAVEN ~Tenshi no Uta~) was released as a digital distribution on January 4th 2021. This song is a new masterpiece of Angels’ Temptation and is also the first full MV we’ve made together. We currently still live in a situation in which we can’t do a show in front of a live audience, but we are considering doing an online live and so on. I believe this will be essential, but also exciting for everyone. I would like to continue to have a positive impact on the fans who support me. Please wait for the best 2021 beyond 2020.

We’ve reached the last question, which is probably the one question everyone can always guess in terms of what it will be… Is there anything you would like to say as parting words to everyone reading this interview?
MIRAI: Angels’ Temptation has only just begun as a band, but we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your warm support. Thank you very much. This resonates with the world as an opening ceremony. We look forward to working with you in the future.


Extra information

Like Rio already mentioned at the end of the interview, Angels’ Temptation has recently released their 5th single, “HEAVEN〜天使の歌〜” (HEAVEN ~Tenshi no Uta~). This single is also the very first song they have decided to film a music video for, and just like all the other releases before it this song is available on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. I’ve included a link to “TuneCore” in the social media links list, which will automatically redirect you to all the music of Angels’ Temptation and where they’re all available for purchase or streaming.

I’m sure you’ve gotten at least a little bit curious to the first MV of the band, so here it is:

Angels’ Temptation – HEAVEN~天使の歌~ (MV)

Just like pretty much every band I feature on Arlequin Magazine, all members are always interested in hearing your thoughts and feedback. So if you have something you’d like to share with them, feel more than free to send them a comment on Twitter!


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  1. Thank you kindly for this interesting interview. I discovered this band last year and it was such a pleasure to read it, getting to know the band members a bit closer.

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      I was also introduced to their music last year and it really hit a nostalgia note for me, so that was my main motivation to give them a little bit of a spotlight overseas too. ^-^

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