縁 (Enishi) // Connecting the past with the future

Perhaps you’ve seen word going around about this small project on Twitter, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this managed to sneak by you entirely either.

縁 (Enishi) was originally intended as a one-time-only session band lead by SUI, existing out of former members of Megaromania, 凛 (Lin) -the end of corruption world- and Dio ~Distraught Overlord~. But the Kanji for 縁 (Enishi) can be read in various ways, two of which being “fate” and “connection”, which very much appear to be the theme of this project since all members have a connection with each other through past musical activities. Additionally they have chosen to express themselves in a different way than they usually do: instead of the Western influence so many musicians in Japan pursue they have decided to embrace their own Eastern roots, only solidifying the various readings of their name I mentioned earlier.

The group has composed two songs for a special souvenir for the people who visited their live show on November 14, 2021, but they took home a little something themselves too: a whole lot of positive feedback that made them rethink their initial decision of it being a one-time-only project.
Do I have to give you more reasons for my decision to ask the guys to talk to me about this project? Alright, here is one more:
For as far as I can see the project hasn’t reached overseas fans at all. And I can understand this too from the perspective as being an overseas fan myself.

You can imagine the guys were very happy to receive my request to talk about this project, since it was a great opportunity for them to share their ideas with the overseas audience directly.
So, let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into this now, shall we?


Let’s start!

Before I start firing off my questions, could you please introduce yourselves first so the readers know who is joining us today?
SUI: I’m 縁 (Enishi)’s vocalist, SUI.
美沙麗 (MIZALY): I’m 縁 (Enishi)’s guitarist, 美沙麗 (MIZALY).
I’ve returned to the stage for the first time in a few years. I’ve created a lot of works in different projects up until now, but from now on I would like to create works with 縁 (Enishi) and deliver them to everyone.
cero: I’m 縁 (Enishi)’s guitarist, cero. An all lowercase cero. I’m not only familiar with the guitar, but also with Japanese culture such as onsen (hot springs) and sightseeing spots.
リゼ (Lyse): I’m the bassist, リゼ (Lyse). I’m usually active with another project named “Ariabl’eyeS”.
Syu: And I’m the drummer for 縁 (Enishi), Syu. It’s been a long time, readers! How have you been?

I want to talk a little about 縁 (Enishi) first. Since the Kanji is often used to express “fate”, “destiny” “relationship” or “connection”, and I do think all of these meanings at least somewhat apply to the members as a group, don’t they? But how did 縁 (Enishi) actually start?
SUI: The project was initially intended to be a “SUI Session Band”, for which I spoke to members I had been in projects with in the past and felt like I could enjoy music with casually.
美沙麗 (MIZALY) and cero have been in a band together with me in the past, Syu has been playing as part of the “Joint Artists” in my solo project David, and I have been trying to do something together with リゼ (Lyse).
This group of people is made from members who all have ties somehow through their past musical activities. And because of this connection between us we have decided to name the project “縁 (Enishi)” without even a second of hesitation.

What about the theme of the project? Since we see the members in more Western-influenced styles normally. Was it the intention from the start to incorporate the traditional Japanese culture?
SUI: As a Japanese I of course love traditional Japanese culture, but as an artist I like the different Western style and thus have been sticking to that.
However, rather than recreating the styles each member came up with when searching for a new way to express themselves, I decided to incorporate Japanese when I wanted to create a fresh expression method.

At the moment of writing, all information about 縁 (Enishi) comes from the social media accounts of the members. But was this a deliberate choice, or are you planning on giving the project it’s very own source of information in the future?
SUI: I was originally thinking of a one-time-only type of project, with it’s only live activity on November 14, 2021. But as a result of the enthusiasm and tension of the members we have decided on some activities during this year as well.
I don’t know if it will be long term or not, though. For example, even if the next live show we’ve planned will be our very last one as this group, the relationship between the members will not change. And I wonder if it’s okay to remain a mysterious band like this. That’s why I don’t know if there will be official accounts or even a website for this project in the future or not. The same goes for other activities. It simply hasn’t been decided at this point in time just yet.


Creating a musical family

Cover art for the 縁 (Enishi) single
The cover artwork for the live limited single, distributed on November 14, 2021.

During this live performance on November 14, 2021 the project did release it’s very first single, which is also named “縁 (Enishi)” and contains the title song and “紋章 (Monshou) -Imperial Code-“ as well as the instrumental versions of these tracks. By releasing it only at the venue you targeted a very select audience, but what about the audience that couldn’t come to the show in person?
SUI: We decided to release this single as a souvenir for everyone coming to the live venue that day, because like I said earlier, the project was intended to be a one-time-only one, limited to only that day.
I however got a lot more reactions than I expected, and I am glad about it. If there are a lot of requests we will consider something like a subscription in the future.

The Kanji for the second song on the single actually mean “coat of arms” as a group, but individually they can be read as “family crest” and “badge”, “composition” or “poem” (again, these are only some of the readings). Which seems to me like you’ve really had a theme for this single. But since lyrics can only tell a listener so much, what can you tell me about these two songs from your own perspective?
SUI: Speaking to the foreigners, it’s very attractive that one word can have various meanings and thus can be interpreted in various ways. I think that the lyrics will make you feel that kind of charm as well, since both are songs that express the “yin” and “yang” of the balance of the heart.
美沙麗 (MIZALY) and myself were the ones in charge of the songs, but I think that each one has it’s own characteristics regardless.
美沙麗 (MIZALY): Since that time, all members who have a connection have gathered. And even though their activities are all different, the time and scenery they dreamed of is the same. Among them I was conscious of the arrangement and composition so that the characteristics of each members could be shown through these songs. The type of music is different, but the feelings are connected to the music played by each member.
And I want you to keep an eye on the music and the aesthetics that will be produced as a connection from now on.

You’ve already said that you’ve had a lot more reactions to the project than you expected, but what about the fans themselves? Overseas fans often enjoy the more traditional approach because it’s something completely different than what we normally see in the music scene around us, but what about Japanese fans? Did they like your style, or did they also voice a lot of negative comments to it?
SUI: For me personally it’s the complete opposite of the Western style I have been focusing on, so I’d be happy if you could enjoy a different side of me as well.
Regarding the fans and their voices, their voices are saying that they are happy to play music with these members that is louder than the visual side of them.

A band can only do and achieve so much by themselves, but nowadays a lot of help and sharing of information also comes from fans. What can fans do right now to help and support 縁 (Enishi)?
SUI: Since I originally didn’t plan on a wide range of activities it’s the easiest way to check the social media accounts of each member for information right now. But from now on I will start thinking about more long term activities than I originally intended too. So please keep an eye on or social media accounts.
I think there is a future if there is a connection, so please look forward to it. I can’t say anything else since I haven’t talked much about it with the other members yet.
There will be a oneman performance at 大塚Hearts Next (Ootsuka Hearts Next) on May 3, 2022. This will be the very first oneman show for 縁 (Enishi), and I really want to think about what I can send to overseas people too, so please look forward to it.


Connecting little dots to reveal the future

Poster for the 2nd live show of 縁 (Enishi) in May 2022
The announcement poster for the 2nd live show of 縁 (Enishi) in May 2022.

The future of 縁 (Enishi) is a little uncertain at this time, especially since you didn’t intend on the project existing for more than one live show. I understand that, but what about the future in general? What do you guys dream about?
SUI: It’s fun, and it’s about living the beauty that each person thinks about.
美沙麗 (MIZALY): I would like to create this band with all the members and fans, rather than setting a personal goal. Each work is a knot, and I want you to feel 縁 (Enishi) from the same perspective, with the goal of opening up the future.
cero: The goal is to enjoy 縁 (Enishi), and to connect it with people from all over the world and share happiness together.
リゼ (Lyse): I would like to deliver related music to people all over the world.
Syu: As you know, the world is facing an unpredicted crisis. Even in such a situation I would like to be deeply involved through music with these wonderful friends for as long as possible.

You’ve guessed it already, but this means I’m at the end of my list of questions… There’s only one question remaining, and you know me long enough to know what this question is already, don’t you?
SUI: Yes. Let’s enjoy and live every day without knowing when and what will happen.
美沙麗 (MIZALY): From now on, it will come down again as 縁 (Enishi). I have a lot of ambitions, but I will return to my original intentions and do my best from the beginning. “Forevermore Enishi Together”.
cero: Live only once, DREAM.
Let’s make a happy snowman together, cherishing the ties that are tied together in a limited time only once in life.
リゼ (Lyse): Thank you. I hope to meet you all in the future.
Syu: The memories I have with people from overseas are still vivid in my mind. May the day come when we can meet again someday.


Extra information

Like mentioned various times in the interview, 縁 (Enishi) was only intended to be a one-day-session project between members who all have a connection together through past musical activities. But due to overwhelming response from the audience, fanbase as a whole and even from the members themselves, a second show has been decided for May 3rd of this year.
Currently there isn’t much information available other than the date and the venue, but I will keep you guys updated about this. Especially if they do decide to do something for overseas fans to enjoy the project as well!

For now it’s best to keep an eye on the Twitter accounts of the members, SUI in particular, since he tends to be the first one to share new information once it becomes available. You can find all members in the social media list below.


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