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You might remember the interview I did in early January, in which I introduced you to MIRAI, Hideki, YURI, Shion and Rio’s work as Angels’ Temptation.
Angels’ Temptation is fairly unique in the ヴィジュアル系 (Visual Kei) scene because despite all members being from Japan, their style of music is very recognizable here in the west. The five angels look at the rest of the world to deliver their music with the intention to be at the front of the gothic metal style in the ヴィジュアル系 (visual kei) genre.

But did you know that vocalist MIRAI is also active in another project called Fleur Tentation with vocalist HANA? Fleur Tentation is more focused on a keyboard and digital sounds, so while both projects are linked and intertwined, they both stand by themselves as well.
Though we’re not talking about Fleur Tentation today, as in late May MIRAI released his very first solo single: My Dear. Which is the subject of our conversation today. (But of course there were some other things I wanted to ask MIRAI about as well!)

So, without any further ado…


Let’s start, “My Dear”!

Even though we spoke only a few months ago, can you please introduce yourself and your band to the readers once again?
MIRAI: I’m the vocalist of Angels’ Temptation, MIRAI.
Angels’ Temptation is a visual gothic metal band with an angel-theme from Japan. The band is currently writing and recording songs for the future. But this time I’m here because I just released a song as a solo vocalist under the name MIRAI.

That new song is indeed the reason for this interview! Can you tell me a little bit about it? Like why did you decide to release this as a solo project single rather than a single with Angels’ Temptation or Fleur Tentation?
MIRAI: Angels’ Temptation always keeps “metal” in mind as the concept for each song. Fleur Tentation composes with keyboards and digital sounds. I decided to go solo with this release because I wanted “My Dear” to be a song that brought my style forward. I also played the piano you hear in this song, and I composed it without any help from outside.

A large amount of people who enjoy Japanese music speak little or no Japanese at all, but they are always interested in knowing what the songs they love are about. What is the story you want to tell with this song?
MIRAI: It’s a farewell song to a loved one. I think everyone has a person who is important to them. A lover, family, friends… Someday we won’t be able to meet one another anymore, but I hope that the people who hear this song will think “let’s cherish the time we have now”.
I don’t have an experience like this myself, but I made this song with that concept in mind. I look forward to hearing your feedback about it!

The cover art for “My Dear”, made by HANA (from Fleur Tentation).

You’ve labeled this song as “your first solo single”, which does suggest that you want to create more solo works in the future, right? Are you already working on something?
MIRAI: A second single is currently in production, yes. I don’t have much information about it that I can talk about right now, but I hope you will continue to look forward to it. Also, let’s talk from time to time.

What was the reaction of the audience like? Did they enjoy hearing your solo works the same way they enjoy hearing new releases from Angels’ Temptation, or were the reactions more mixed?
MIRAI: Fans are pleased with the new song, no matter if it’s a solo release or a release from the full band. It would be nice if you could hear it live someday.

The artwork for the cover and the lyric video were made by HANA, who you work with in Fleur Tentation. How did this collaboration happen? Did you commission the artwork from her, or is the single inspired by her artwork instead?
MIRAI: HANA is a vocalist, but she’s also responsible for the artwork used by Fleur Tentation. I created the song first, and when it was completed I asked her to create an image.
Please check out the other artworks for Fleur Tentation as well!

Just like the releases of Angels’ Temptation, there is no physical CD for “My Dear” either. Are you planning on releasing a physical CD in the future?
MIRAI: This single is considered to be digital only. If I get more works to my name in the future there is a chance that they’ll all be released as a full album with a physical CD though.

We’ve been talking about the single for a while now, but in case you haven’t heard the single yourself yet I’m sure you’re quite curious by now. So here is the lyric video for “My Dear”:

MIRAI – My Dear (Lyric video)

Expanding the portfolio

We’ve already mentioned Angels’ Temptation and Fleur Tentation a few times in this interview, but are you currently working on music for these projects as well?
MIRAI: That’s right, like already mentioned throughout this interview I’m not only active as a solo artist. I also make songs for Angels’ Temptation and Fleur Tentation. I’m doing my very best to make new works for all three of these projects.
We will release some news soon, so please be patient. There definitely is something going on. We have a lot of good news coming out later this year.

Despite the pandemic slowly getting more lenient with restrictions, a lot of our entertainment is still online rather than live shows. Are you currently also doing something like livestreaming, or is the only way for people to support you streaming services like Spotify and the Heaven’s Store (webshop)?
MIRAI: I’m currently not doing livestreams yet. I would like to increase the places where you can find us online in the future, but I’m also always conscious of the overseas fans. So I’m always waiting for them to connect with me through social media (Twitter) and their messages in general.

Another thing I’ve seen recently is artists offering their creativity and skills for other projects and collaborations. Is this something you’d be interested in as well? Would you like to compose music for a brand or company for example?
MIRAI: Right now I am focusing on increasing the works of my own projects, but I am interested in this concept so I won’t refuse if there’s a request or suggestion. I want to collaborate, so please let me know if you have any suggestions. Requests from other artists or brands are also very much welcomed!

Unfortunately we’ve reached the end of the interview already… So you know what this final question is going to be, right? Do you have a message for everyone who has been reading this interview?
MIRAI: We will never stop bringing music to people all over the world. But right now the world is a complicated place due to the virus. Please take good care of yourself and wait. I will definitely go and see you in the future.


Extra information

Like MIRAI already mentioned in the interview, he’s currently moving forward with both Japanese and overseas fans in mind. Something that already reflected in his previous releases with Angels’ Temptation and Fleur Tentation, since all of them are available digitally rather than as physical CDs.
You can find all of the releases with the help of TuneCore: Angels’ Temptation | Fleur Tentation | MIRAI’s solo work.

Additionally, like you could see in the before-last question of the interview I also asked MIRAI about any possible collaborations. Be it with other artists or with brands or companies. So if you have any suggestions for MIRAI then please don’t hesitate to let us know! Either through MIRAI’s Twitter account (see links list below) or through any of my social media or the contact form here.


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