MIRAI // “Music crosses borders.”

It’s been a while since we last featured Angels’ Temptation, but that doesn’t mean the members have just been sitting around and doing nothing. Our last time featuring them unfortunately had some sad news about a member leaving the group, and it has been a bit quiet in terms of new music coming from the remaining members since.

According to MIRAI they’re definitely working on several new songs, but since they’ve put the highest standards for themselves we’ll have to wait a little longer to hear from them as a band.
Luckily, bassist Rio and vocalist MIRAI have more than enough creativity to share some entirely different project with us. Starting with “Rio from Angels’ Temptation”, which allowed Rio to release her first solo single “One and Only” in November of 2023, where she’s not only the bassist, but also the vocalist. (And MIRAI assisting as a guitarist and lyricist.)
Secondly, we have MIRAI from Angels’ Temptation in December, where MIRAI is both the vocalist and the guitarist, and Rio is the bassist.

For this interview we only spoke to MIRAI about his first solo single “for you”, a CD release that is limited to 100 copies.
“for you” contains six tracks in total: an SE appropriately named “Introduction”, two new songs named “天使達の誘惑” (Tenshi Tachi no Yuuwaku) and “I love you”, a piano track named “miracle” and the instrumental versions of the two main songs.
Unfortunately I am the bringer of sad news for all Rio fans: her single is sold out already, so that’s why you won’t find any links to it in this interview.

With that introduction out of the way, are you ready? Then let’s go!


“We have set the highest standards for ourselves, so it takes a lot of time.”

It’s been a while since our previous interview, so could you please introduce yourself one more time to let everyone know who is answering my questions today?
MIRAI: This is MIRAI, the vocalist of Angels’ Temptation. I’m in charge of writing, composing and mixing all songs.
I’m also the composer for Fleur Tentation/Petit.

Our previous interview together was about your solo song “My Dear”, but this time we’re talking about your solo single “for you”. Since you just introduced as the vocalist of Angels’ Temptation already, I’m quite curious to why you’ve decided to release a solo single?
MIRAI: As a limited time project we first started with Rio from Angels’ Temptation, which is Rio’s solo project, and as a second project we’re doing MIRAI from Angels’ Temptation, which is me.

While this single is your solo work, there is a familiar name in the credits. Rio is playing bass for this single as well, but what makes her the perfect choice for you as a bassist?
MIRAI: This is because the bass playing is the most efficient and secure in all aspects, including being the co-producer of a solo project and communication as a band member. She’s also heavily involved in the arrangement.

I’m sure a lot of people were hoping for something new from Angels’ Temptation, since it has been a while since the “Anthem of the Angels” album. But you and Rio have released some solo works instead. Why did you choose a solo project at this time?
MIRAI: We are working on multiple new songs for Angels’ Temptation at the same time, but we have set the highest standards for ourselves. So it takes a lot of time.
Since I am also playing the guitar on this solo single I was able to complete it with a small group of people, and I was able to release a completely different piece of work.
As a band, some time has passed since our last album, and there are high expectations. We are making plans to release our new songs at the best time, so that they can spread their wings. Please look forward to seeing us in 2024!


“I wanted to create something that focuses on singing.”

Next, I want to talk about the single in a little more detail. Since you have made it quite detailed by adding an introduction, two new songs and an instrumental track. Did you intend to create the single with this setup from the start?
MIRAI: I believe that each CD is, in a sense, a single piece of work. CDs often start with an SE which is used in a similar way to an appetizer to add color to the course meal.

The second track, “天使達の誘惑” (Tenshi Tachi no Yuuwaku) is a beautiful, but emotional piece. The name choice* is also quite interesting…
MIRAI: When I write lyrics, I usually write what I think about on a daily basis. The lyrics of this song express my own values and philosophy. I also don’t know what will happen with my solo projects in the future, but if I were to deliver just one song to everyone, I thought it would be best to make it in line with our concept and theme as Angels’ Temptation.

* 天使達の誘惑 (Tenshi Tachi no Yuuwaku) has the same meaning as “Angels’ Temptation” does in English, so MIRAI choosing this title for a song with lyrics that express that concept was a very interesting, yet understandable choice.

“I love you” takes a completely different turn, both in style and in lyrics. Just like the previous track, this is also a very emotional piece. Please tell me more about your vision here.
MIRAI: Since this CD is a special solo project, I decided to create a song that I wouldn’t create for Angels’ Temptation, in direct contrast to “天使達の誘惑” (Tenshi Tachi no Yuuwaku). I wanted to create something that focuses on singing, without having to worry about any metal-sounds. The lyrics for this song directly express my value of love.

The final track for this single is a piano piece you’ve named “miracle”. In my opinion it goes very well with “I love you”, but why did you decide on an instrumental song for this single?
MIRAI: I am a vocalist, but I created this song because I wanted to challenge myself. See what kind of expression I could create with an instrumental song that doesn’t include any vocals or lyrics. There are no lyrics for this song, so I hope everyone can feel the way they like when listening to it.


“Even if you don’t understand the lyrics until you translate them, you can still convey the emotions.”

Hopefully this interview has informed people about not only your solo work, but Rio’s solo work as well. If they’ve become interested, where can they find your works?
MIRAI: CDs and goods are on sale at Angels’ Temptation’s webshop, Heaven’s Store.
All items are limited to the available stock at the webshop, and we have many limited edition products and personal CDs. The solo CD is only available here, same for Rio’s solo works.
I want to highlight that there are only a few copies of “for you” left, and we’re aiming to sell out!

A lot of webshops in Japan don’t allow orders from overseas. What about the Heaven’s Store? Can we order from it directly, or do we have to use a proxy service?
MIRAI: Heaven’s Store can process international orders! We can ship overseas directly through EMS, and even though it might take a while to arrive there is a guarantee that it will, so it’s very safe and secure.

Since a lot of people prefer streaming nowadays, is there an option for that too?
MIRAI: Of course, in addition to our CDs you can also enjoy our songs on music distribution sites like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc.

There has been quite some time between “My Dear” and “for you”, so it might be a bit early for me to ask this question, but do you already have plans for your solo works in the future?
MIRAI: At the moment no details have been decided yet. But, if everyone’s voices will become louder, I will move forward with it.
When “for you” sells out however, we will proceed with phase three of this project, which is again Rio from Angels’ Temptation. This will probably happen somewhere in April, but I’m not sure about the exact date yet. Please look forward to it!

Aside from potential solo activities, I of course also want to ask about Angels’ Temptation and Fleur Tentation…
MIRAI: It’s now 2024, so we’ll deliver the new Angels’ Temptation within the year. Please look forward to the symphonic melodic speed metal that we will seriously create.
Regarding Fleur Tentation, I would be happy if you could check the online store and YouTube works related to Fleur Tentation.

There is however one special date on the agenda for Angels’ Temptation, isn’t there?
MIRAI: Please look forward to our continued evolution. On March 19, 2024 there will be a live performance for the first time in a while. I’m looking forward to it!

I’ve been asking you question after question during this interview, but I’m curious, is there anything you would like to ask the readers of this interview as well?
MIRAI: I want to know your favorite songs.
I’m sure there are many great songs around the world that I haven’t discovered yet.

And with that there is only one question left on my list for today: to close off this interview, do you have a message for everyone?
MIRAI: Music crosses borders. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics until you translate them, you can still convey the emotions. I usually listen to music from various countries, I’m sure everyone reading this interview feels the same way.
Thank you for your wonderful relationship.
I want to continue to meet great songs from all over the world and further enhance my creativity.
We live in a wonderful world where there are many things going on, but let’s all come together in that moment of enjoying music!

As mentioned in the introduction and interview already, this single is the second phase of the solo projects of the members of Angels’ Temptation, so you could see it as a bit of a treat to see a different creative side of both members while they’re working on new material as a band.

Rio’s single “One and Only” is already sold out, but MIRAI’s “for you” still has some copies left at the Heavens’Store, like MIRAI already mentioned in the interview. If you enjoy Angels’ Temptation, you will definitely enjoy this release despite MIRAI challenging himself to make something in a different style for the majority of this single.


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