Artist/Band: 15GERM Ace (Pronounced as “Fifteen GERM Ace”)
Members: 秋空李佳 (Akisora Rika) (Vocal), 花枝夜空 (Hanaeda Yozora) (Vocal), 愛妹みい (Aimai Mii) (Vocal)



15GERM Ace is an idol band based in Tokyo. They consider their music spreading like a virus, which starts at the age of 15. Their live shows are a non-stop dance fest with songs that are also somewhat nostalgic in their core sound. From dance to disco to metal, anything goes. You’ll never know what you’ll experience with 15GERM Ace!

15GERM – bad invader (MV)


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15GERM Ace are one of the partner artists of Arlequin Magazine, which means we can take media requests on their behalf as well. If you’re interested in an interview or want to discuss booking options for your event, let us know and we’ll pass the message for you!
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15GERM Ace

(Akisora Rika)
🎂 08/26

(Hanaeda Yozora)
🎂 05/31

(Aimai Mii)
🎂 12/16