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Happy Extra Belated New Year Everyone! Welcome to V reviews. My name is V. And in this latest installment music video review, I will be covering Rides in Revellion’s latest super catchy track, “GREED” that officially dropped on their YouTube channel on December 21, 2023.

To start things off, here is a short primer on the band for those unfamiliar with them. They are a ヴィジュアル系 (Visual Kei) band that fit on the brighter side of the genre sound wise due to their コテオサ系 (Koteosa Kei) genre mixed with a rock sound. They first came on the scene in 2015 when three ex-members of “Black September”, 黎 (KuRo, then YU-KI, vocals), TaJI (guitar) and 飴 (Ame, then Looper, drums) decided to team together to create “Rides in Revellion”.
And over the years they have had a few changes to the line up. Most recently the addition of 志雄 (Shiyu) as a full member rather than a support drummer as of March this past year. Their line up now consists of five members: 黎 (KuRo) on vocals, TaJI and 椿 (Tsubaki) on guitars, 渚 (Nagisa) on bass and 志雄 (Shiyu) on drums.
For further information, as well as a killer interview from our very own 雪 (Yuki), check out this link.

“GREED” is one of the other tracks found on the band’s “夜明け最前線” (Yoake Sazansen) single. The A-type of the single features the song “Allergy” (which was also released as a LIVE MV earlier in June of 2023 already), while the B-type features “GREED” and a 2023 version of “Rosé”. And given how catchy “GREED” is as a song during a live show, it’s no surprise that they opted to use this specific track for this LIVE MV.

Now onto the show, my favorite part of writing these, watching and reviewing a video itself. We open with the titles and one hell of an ear worm of higher pitched guitar tones backed up by steady lower guitar tones. Just from this sound alone I knew that I was in for a treat. I find that many bands with two guitarists tend to have them duel against each other in songs which can be cool to hear. They don’t do what TaJI and 椿 (Tsubaki) seem to be doing here, interweaving their sounds with each other’s to be one cohesive whole. I will admit that I had to replay the first fifteen seconds at least three times to try to analyze it further.

Rides In ReVellion // GREED (LIVE MV)


Then the song shifts with 志雄 (Shiyu)’s and 黎 (KuRo)’s talents. 志雄 (Shiyu)’s drums and 黎 (KuRo)’s velvet voice add the chef’s kiss to the song. It even further surprises in the chorus. We are given a quartet singing it. It is fun treat and a breath of fresh air compared to most band’s mo. Usually we get the lead singer and maybe one other singing in any given song, not this. It seems that 渚 (Nagisa) did get some of his wish granted, as he told 雪 (Yuki) in their interview with us that he really wanted to sing as well! And holy hell I want to hear more.
The overall feel of the video is an amped version of a concert (which is the intention when you name something a “LIVE MV” , right?). Bright slightly orange lights cast the band in its light. And there are what seem to be visual distortions every so often that remind me of old film issues, warping, dots and static. This combined with the lyrics drive home the desire and punchiness of the track.


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