Artist/Band: 3470.mon (Pronounced as “Sayonara Monday”.)
Members: 平一洋 (Taira Kazuhiro) (Vocal), RENA (Bass), SYUTO (Keyboards),
じょん (John) (Guitar, support), Hyu-ga (Drums, support)



3470.mon was started in the summer of 2020 by vocalist 平一洋 (Taira Kazuhiro) as a project called “Wonderful People”. Four music cards (“M-cards”) were released between the fall of 2020 and the summer of 2021, named “純潔さん” (Jyunketsu-san), “スピード違反さん” (Supiido ihan-san), “幻覚さん” (Genkaku-san) and “夜更かしさん” (Yofukashi-san).

3470.mon was announced as the group’s official name in the spring of 2021, along with RENA (from CRAZY PUNK KID) and SYUTO (from LAID BACK OCEAN) joining the project as a bassist and keyboard player respectively.
On July 18 the group played their first oneman show, titled “Devil’s Transfer Student” in WILDSIDETOKYO. This oneman live marks the official start of their full scale activities, followed by the release of their first EP “VHS” on August 2nd, 2021.


3470.mon – 悪魔くん (Akuma-kun) (MV)





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