Galaxy7 // A new beginning with “the people who walk on the star lights”

Galaxy7 is the solo project from Daisuke Tsutsui, who started the project in 2008 after his previous band disbanded. Because he is the one in charge of songwriting, composing, arrangement, production, programming, singing and playing all of the instruments by himself he has gained the attention of his core fans for his performances like no other.

Written under the consistent concept of “catchy melodies and edgy tracks”, the sound Galaxy7 produces is unique and coupled with a search for a visually entertaining stage performance, leading to collaborations with not only Kabuki artists, but also Martial Arts artists during live shows.

the people who walk on the star lights
With that introduction still in the back of your mind, you’ll notice that the title track of this single matches that description to a T.
The upbeat melody of the single touches more genres than just “Dance”, but Dance is still the overruling genre overall. Starting with a quick rhythm right from the beginning, “the people who walk on the star lights” absolutely fits the “galaxy”-theme Daisuke has chosen for his project’s name, as he takes the listener on a journey between the stars and cosmic nebulas throughout the song.

the people who walk on the star lights remix by MaZDA
If you’re familiar with the Japanese Dance genre, then you’ve probably seen the name MaZDA rolling by more than once. Not only is MaZDA considered to be a “master dance track maker”, but he has also worked with famous artists like for example SUGIZO.
His collaboration with Galaxy7 is nothing short of a success, since he knows how to elevate the title track of the single to a new level with his influence, despite it being a lower tempo and more synth-vibe type of track than the original.



If you enjoy upbeat, modern music which is suitable for any kind of situation, “the people who walk on the star lights” is certainly a single to check out. Not only is it the type of song that will brighten up a gloomy day, it also makes for a good dance track.

Even though the release has two different release dates, they’re both digital. Meaning you can find the track no matter where you are in the world. More information below.


Release information

Are you interested in supporting the band by getting your own copy of the release? Here’s something to get you started:

the people who walk on the star lights
01. the people who walk on the star lights
02. the people who walk on the star lights remix by MaZDA

Artist: Galaxy7
Release: the people who walk on the star lights (digital single)
Release date: April 15, 2015 (iTunes) | May 27, 2015 (Amazon Music)
CD number: N/A (digital download only)

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