breakin’ holiday // Let there be “LILITH”

breakin’ holiday exists out of vocalist JURI (ex. DELUHI), guitarist 酒井洋明 (Hiroaki Sakai) (ex. 12012), bassist Aggy (ex. DELUHI) and drummer KAJI (ex. アンド (AND) -Eccentric Agent-). If this lineup sounds familiar to you, then you might have seen or heard a glimpse of their previous attempt at forming a group together, which was “ZERO MIND INFINITY”. This attempt never made it further than a few songs and a few live performances, but breakin’ holiday appears to have a much more stable foundation underneath them, allowing the group to now release their live single “LILTH” as the real deal on May 23rd, 2018.

But what can you expect from this single? Well, all four members come from different, well-known groups within the ヴィジュアル系 (Visual Kei) scene, so definitely prepare for something that fits within that realm…

(Words: Aggy / Music: KAJI)
This song first saw the light of the internet on January 17 through a lyric video on YouTube already, but it’s definitely a good preview for what is to come here. Fans of DELUHI will certainly be pleasantly surprised, because this song very much has that typical DELUHI-vibe all over it, which is only amplified by the fact that the vocalist is well, the same one as the one we hear in DELUHI.
But the likeliness doesn’t stop at DELUHI, you can clearly hear the influences from both 12012 and アンド (AND) as well throughout the entire song. “LILITH” is a powerful song which combines the melodic vocals with the more metal-approach that we know from JURI, but also with powerful guitar riffs and fast-paced drums, easily throwing the song in the hard-rock or even metal category.
Additionally the choice has been made to have most of the lyrics in English, which allows foreign fans to enjoy the message so much more. And find out about their hate for love songs, if you know what I mean…

(Words: Aggy / Music: JURI)
The second, and unfortunately already final, song of the single has a completely different approach than the one before it, featuring a different vocal style that is at least a little bit similar to the vocals we hear in THE GALLO. The tempo is slowed down and the vocals go into the deeper, heavier category. The guitar slows down to a similar style, creating the vibe of a powerful monologue like several artists in the Western hard-rock genre tend to do to every now and then. Yet, it remains in the familiar territory due to JURI’s signature sound ringing throughout the song. The name “YUMMY” is definitely something you didn’t expect with this song either!



Fans of DELUHI in particular will be pleasantly surprised by this single, and that isn’t just because of the lineup containing two members from that project. While the music industry has evolved, so have these guys, but they have managed to bring back an era of music that was unique to that time. And it fits in the current world we live in perfectly.
Despite the impression JURI’s solo works might give with his more pop and ballad type of approach, his voice lends itself to the heavier genres because of his ability to switch between vocal styles instantly, throwing out clean vocals as well as screams and grunts like it’s the most common thing in the world. The addition of 酒井洋明 (Hiroaki Sakai) and KAJI work perfectly well in this setting due to their overlapping styles and influences throughout their careers, and compared to ZERO MIND INFINITY it seems like breakin’ holiday will be lasting longer than your next summer vacation.


Release information

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Artist: breakin’ holiday
Release: LILITH (single)
Release date: March 18, 2018 (live shows only) / May 5, 2018 (stores)
CD number: DAKBHCDO-1

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