JILUKA // US debut at Anime Week Atlanta

JILUKA already hinted a little bit towards a possible overseas performance in our recent interview with them, but at that time they couldn’t reveal us anything more than a suggestive hint.

That hint turned out to be their US debut, in the form of a performance at Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA), Georgia from the 26th to the 29th of October 2023!


Anime Week Atlanta

Not much information has been announced at this time, so we unfortunately can’t pinpoint at which day the performance will take place, or if there will be multiple performances throughout the event.

What we can tell you is the pricelist for the event:
Multi-Day: $100
Thursday only: $50
Friday only: $65
Saturday only: $70
Sunday only: $60

However, tickets are limited and capped per type, so the event encourages you to pre-register early to make sure you can attend on the day(s) you want.

Single-day tickets will be available online on the day of the event only as well:
Thursday: $45
Friday: $55
Saturday: $65
Sunday: $50

Like we said, we don’t know any specific information to share with you at this time. When we learn more we will update this post!

For more information about AWA itself, we have to refer you to the event’s website.




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