DEXCORE // Savior: Where Jekyll meets Hyde

Welcome to V Reviews. My name is V.
And in this inaugural first music video review we will be covering the band DEXCORE’s awesome “Savior” track.

For those of you who do not know who they are, here’s a little background information to get you started. They are a ヴィジュアル系 (Visual Kei), metalcore band who hail from 名古屋 (Nagoya), Japan.
The band started in 2016 through ex. DEATHGAZE drummer 直樹 (Naoki)’s efforts. Since that time there have been many line up changes over the years including the departure of 直樹 (Naoki) himself. Still they have overcome every obstacle to come back swinging and brought us new music. Not many bands can say that.
As of January 2023 they saw the return of their previous bassist TO-RU and the addition of MAKI (of UNDEAD CORPORATION) as their support drummer after another shake up in December 2022 with the leaving of 会 (Kai) (bass) and 伶司 (Reizi) (drums).
So there is a big difference between the sound/feel of the video that I am about to cover and their previous one.

Their current lineup is as follows: 架神 (Kagami) (vocals), 梦斗 (Yumeto) (guitar), TO-RU (bass) and MAKI (support drums).
As for the song “Savior” this is fresh off of their correspondingly named “Savior” single which includes this song as well as an instrumental version that dropped on April 14, 2023.

Now let’s get on with the show. The video opens with the band in a desert like area and a gorgeous clean vocal start from 架神 (Kagami). Then lord buckle up tight as truly metal parts begin between 架神 (Kagami)’s snarling and scream growls and the skills of 梦斗(Yumeto), TO-RU and MAKI combine.

The lyrics and the desolation of the background act to beautifully reinforce the pain and honesty that is conveyed in every word. They speak to how all of us sometimes want to be saved, be it from a bad experience, memory and or family. And the sad fact is that we don’t always get that. Sometimes that maw that is the darkness and hurt can swallow us up. It’s up to us to choose whether or not to continue on each day. Ever since the advent of COVID, I know that my own mental health and those around me have taken a hit. This is why dear readers if you feel yourself relating to this at all. Please know that you’re not alone. There are those out there willing to help. And it’s okay to talk to someone.
There is no instant solution that works for every single person without fail, so we unfortunately can only offer you a sign that hopefully helps you take the first step (which we know is often the hardest!). The CDC website is a good resource for finding help with various mental health issues with different origins, and also lists other projects like for example The Trevor Project, which is a personal favorite of mine.


DEXCORE // Savior (MV)


But, let’s go back to the music one more time: the full band beautifully illustrates this point by shifting from 架神 (Kagami)’s lilting clear vocals, violins and piano to the harshest metal, taking us from light and darkness all in one song. Heaven and very much Hell. In contrast their previous music video “THE LIGHT” has a more polished appearance with the use of white lights in a dark room, a harsher sound and 架神 (Kagami) in an all white outfit.
And yet in that particular song, they are covering what feels like the light of hope.




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