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If you’re familiar with DaizyStripper you probably know まゆ (Mayu) as the lead guitarist of the band. But did you know that he recently jumped into a completely different project that has nothing to do with the band? He recently launched his very own clothing label Mr.SunFace!

The very first collection, existing out of three sweatshirts and one T-shirt went live on November 22 2020, but what were his thoughts and inspirations? Why did he launch his very own clothing label? I asked まゆ (Mayu) for an interview to talk about these questions, and of course to ask about some other subjects related to his clothing label as well.


So, what exactly is Mr.SunFace?

Let’s start with the most prominent question first. Your logo’s design is very much inspired by the art form of graffiti, but why did you choose graffiti over any other art form?
まゆ (Mayu): Graffiti shows a scene that only exists in the human mind, it’s usually invisible and beyond reality, so I wanted this element to return in my works.

Does this mean you merely like the art, as I understand that you’ve encountered it a lot already when you were young, or do you create graffiti style art yourself as well?
まゆ (Mayu): I draw graffiti myself too, although the design in the background of my debut collection is actually my first work. I do want to continue to draw more though!

Despite graffiti being such a big part of your life, the name is completely unrelated, or so it seems to me. Why did you choose to name your brand “Mr.SunFace”? Is there a special story behind the name?
まゆ (Mayu): I like the sun. It’s full of vitality, it’s warm, bright, and sometimes it’s tough, but it always shines brightly upon us. So I really wanted to use the word “sun” in the name.

What made you decide to design clothes though? Didn’t people agree with your wishes for your costume designs, or did you have trouble finding clothing you’d like to wear casually?
まゆ (Mayu): I’ve always liked clothes. But I wanted to wear something original, like a different design. So I decided to actually make that for myself. The designs I have now are created on the concept of “what would I like to wear myself?”, so it wasn’t created with a specific gender in mind. I just wanted to try what the designs looked like on me.

What about the other members of DaizyStripper? Do they like your designs? Have they asked you to design something for them now as well?
まゆ (Mayu): When I came to the rehearsal studio wearing a T-shirt I designed myself they said it looked cool! But each member of DaizyStripper is an artist by themselves. They all think it’s best to choose what they think looks good on them themselves.

Designing something for your fellow members isn’t going to happen anytime soon then, but what about other artists? Is there an artist you would like to design a clothing item or a complete outfit for?
まゆ (Mayu): I don’t have anyone specifically in mind. But it would make me very happy if someone would ask me to design something for them because they saw my designs and liked the look and style of it though! When I started thinking about making clothes myself I was thinking that I would make items that I would like to wear, so I don’t feel like I have made anything for anyone else specifically.

At the moment of this interview you have 4 items available in your online shop. 3 over-sized sweatshirts and 1 T-shirt. Can you tell me a little bit about each item?
まゆ (Mayu): Everything is made to have a loose fit, so you can wear each item comfortably. The T-shirt has a long length so you can wear it as a unique item, or even as a single item if that’s your style. Since the front design of it is simple, it’s easy to wear and possibly combine with other items.
The sweatshirts are simple as it’s only a logo, but the sleeves have a design which I personally think is a very fine accent to them.

According to your website right now all items are available until December 24th, so only for a limited time. Why did you choose to have them available for this limited period only?
まゆ (Mayu): It’s actually only the T-shirt that has that limitation. The sweatshirts are available until they sell out. So if you still see them as available as a later time it’s still possible to get them! So if you’re curious about the items or their availability, please be sure to visit the website to check them out!

Are you already working on new designs as well, or are you still waiting to see how the launch of the initial catalog is being received?
まゆ (Mayu): Yes, I am already working on new designs. I want to increase the number of standard items that I can wear myself, so I am already working on new ones!

You’re also doing a collaboration project already, with Ruka (who is the owner of Dearest CROWN, a jewelry brand). The theme for this collaboration also has to do with graffiti, and you have already given a small insight into one of the items that are going to be available (the “Graffiti Tag”). But how did this collaboration happen? Since it doesn’t seem like graffiti is something Ruka usually creates with her jewelry?
まゆ (Mayu): I’ve known Ruka for a very long time, and during our casual conversations the topic of graffiti has popped up more often than not. So when we were talking some day we decided to collaborate and create something together. I think she has done the graffiti theme once though, so if we find a subject we’re both interested in there might be another collaboration between us in the future.

Ruka is very familiar with making jewelry items as Dearest CROWN, but for you it sounds like this is something completely new. Would you like to make your own jewelry line sometime in the future as well?
まゆ (Mayu): Like you already mentioned, I am not familiar with the creation of silver accessories, so I would need someone’s help to make them. If I end up making something related to jewelry again I think it will be a collaboration again too.

Speaking of collaborations, is there an artist or a different brand that you would like to collaborate with in the future?
まゆ (Mayu): I really like brands like Dr.Martens and Paul Smith, but I’m still just a fan of them. I would be very happy if I am lucky enough to work with them someday though…

As you probably know Japanese culture is quite popular overseas as well. Foreigners are very interested in the music and the fashion aspects of the country so it’s not completely uncommon for me as a European resident to see people wearing clothing items from Japanese brands here too. As of right now, is it possible for overseas fans to support you directly without the use of a shopping service, or is this something you’d be interested in as a future improvement?
まゆ (Mayu): Right now the website doesn’t support international shipping yet, so for now it would probably be best to use a shopping service or ask someone in Japan if they can receive the item on your behalf and forward it to your country. I am talking about changing this in the future though, so if you’re interested in the items please don’t let this limitation stop you! I hope my items interest overseas fans as well!

We all know 2020 has been a very difficult year for musicians and everyone involved with the music industry. For you it might have been a good moment to work on Mr.SunFace because DaizyStripper couldn’t do much in the public eye, but what will happen when this pandemic clears up again? Will you still be working on Mr.SunFace next to the activities of DaizyStripper?
まゆ (Mayu): Yes, I will absolutely continue with Mr.SunFace. Although, I will continue at my own pace.

Since this interview is about Mr.SunFace and not about DaizyStripper I don’t want to ask too much about the band itself, with exception of this one question. Can fans of DaizyStripper look forward to activity with the band again soon?
まゆ (Mayu): Of course they can! I’m still a guitarist after all! I’m actually recording right now, so please look forward to 2021!

And as a final question to close this up with, do you have anything you would like to share with everyone reading this interview?
まゆ (Mayu): Thank you for meeting me through the screen like this.
Clothing and music are perfect for distractions, so I have a good time every day. Don’t rust your heart!


Image gallery

Curious to which items were part of Mr.SunFace’s first collection? Don’t worry, I’ve got you!


Extra information

Like まゆ (Mayu) already stated in his answers, it’s currently not possible for overseas fans to place an order directly at the Mr.SunFace webshop, but he has definitely not forgotten about us!
If you want to support まゆ (Mayu)’s work until then it’s either through a shopping service, or someone in Japan who is willing to receive the package for you and then forward it to your address overseas.
It’s not easy to enable overseas shipping, so if まゆ (Mayu) manages to add the option I will definitely let all of you know as well!


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